DIY Candy Wrapper Bag Tutorial

Make this candy wrapper bag from old magazines. I think you may have a lot of extra wrapping paper around and just hate to throw it away after the holiday. There are a lot of paper crafts I have featured on my site that you can check then out. We were so excited as we were anticipating the holiday season but now it’s soon long over. I bet you have a lot of wrapping leftovers from when you had all these papers for gift wrapping all your special giveaways to family and friends. Well, you are not alone and it is no wonder. Thing is, it is so very easy for us to throw these leftovers to get the mess over and done with but if you are crafty and love to DIY, you sure has wondered about the cool things these can be brought to life upon. So what can you bring to life with leftover wrapping paper?Though the instructions is in Germany, the detailed photos show you how to craft it.

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DIY Candy Wrapper Bag Tutorial

Candy Wrapper Bag